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The Kimble Group, LLC is a collaborative of Educational Consultant businesses helping early childhood/education/childcare organizations improve the quality of learning environments, professional development, talent acquisition, program management, and business practices.

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The ASPIRE to INSPIRE STARS Initiative brings together well respected, successful Mentors who needed to embark upon their “next best step” on their professional journey. Each Mentor selected was someone I had the opportunity to collaborate, partner, teach, train, mentor or coach.

I knew what they were capable of cultivating strong trusting relationships that would ensure success for their MENTEES who were making a commitment to continuous quality improvement. There would be a lot of hand-holding, small amounts of stress, but success would be attained because everyone involved had the same vision in mind, “ a commitment to quality” reflected in the uniqueness of each individual program.


Assist Keystone STAR 1 family and child care providers successfully move to Keystone STAR 2 or higher


Provides customized, individualized mentoring, coaching, networking and technical assistance to family child and center based care providers

Personal Development

Provide high quality customized professional development opportunities, including coursework leading to the Child Development Associate Certificate


Provide strategic planning using the Program Assessment Scale and Early Childhood Work Environment Scale


Our organization more than 40 years proven experience and expertise in Early Childhood, Program Development, Staff and Professional Development and more

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